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Voice Dialogue - Summary and Uses of Guides & PPPs

Summary of Guides and and PowerPoint Presentations (PPPs)

The Guides/PPPs were developed to present, in a concise and structured format, the basic concepts of Voice Dialogue, the Psychology of the Selves and the Aware Ego Process. The Guides/PPPs are intended to be used as both a learning tool for the student/client and a teaching tool for the facilitator/teacher.

The source used for the development of these Guides and PPPs was the video tapes and audio tapes that Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone made as of 2003. We have consulted extensively with Hal and Sidra to ensure accurate representation of their work.

Each Guide has a corresponding PPP. Each PPP is animated and adds a dynamic dimension to teaching Voice Dialogue. This is especially true of the illustrations and cartoons that use “fly-ins” and sounds to add a more complete understanding to the concepts being presented.

The Guides/PPPs progress from the Introductory to the Advanced Levels. Each progressive level integrates the content from the previous level.

Below is a list of the number of pages per Guide and slides per PPP:

Uses for the Guides and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Serve as a quick and easy reference to the main concepts used in Voice Dialogue.
  • Are a companion reader to the books and audio and video tapes
  • Supplement the dialoguing and exercises essential to the teaching/learning of Voice Dialogue.
  • Provide the theoretical structure for a series of three workshops.
  • Allow for the presentation of increasing complexity of concepts as the student is able to handle more.
  • Offer flexibility to mix and match different sections to adjust to the different teaching and learning needs.
  • Give a framework to train facilitators.
  • Provide a structure for a supervision group.
  • Are succinct refreshers for clients learning Voice Dialogue.

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