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Murray and Donna Armstrong with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone of Voice Dialogue International“We are pleased to recommend Murray and Donna as outstanding practitioners of our work. They are solidly grounded in the theoretical basis of the Psychology of the Selves and the Psychology of the Aware Ego Process. Their work as facilitators and teachers of this process is superb.”

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On Guides

  • I was so delighted to see your books last time I staffed with the Stones. Congratulations. I have them now and found them incredibly useful as guides in running my Level I trainings. Hal and Sidra have sent an email codifying the basic requirements for Level I. It was a pleasure to see how your book clearly illustrates all the areas they are requiring.

    Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas

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On Trainings


  • "I woke up to who I am and within the group with Donna's facilitation, I transformed for the better." - Lisa (2009)

  • "All I know is my experiential learning granted awareness which led to forgiveness for self and others which simultaneously released tears and then was replaced with spiritual Divine love." - D.J.S. (2009)
  • "This course has encouraged me to stand up for myself and be true to who I am, and what I want to become. As a facilitator, Donna is knowledgeable, empowering and creative. She has created a safe and gentle program." - J.B. ( 2008)

  • "I would recommend this course to any woman, because it is not a course of learning what is wrong with you as an individual, but is a course in understanding what we are made up of and how to encourage the growth inside." - Anonymous (2008)

  • "I gained big insights into what parts there are in me and how important they are and how they work. Attending this program makes me want to search for more. Donna, as a facilitator, is very good, clear and concise."
    - Anonymous (2007)

  • "Attending this program helped me to see myself in different ways to put myself first and to change the way I think. I loved the meditations, poems, reflections and mirror work. Donna was very positive, supportive, caring, soft spoken and took the time to make each one of us feel important." - C.M. ( 2006)


  • "Outstanding experience for me, exceptionally growth and stretching for me. Murray is truely a outstanding therapist in his own right." Anonymous (2008)
  • "This group under Murray's direction with his excellent Theraputic skills was a life line for me in stepping back into reclaiming my life." Anonymous (2007)

  • "My anger was distroying my life, thank God for Murray and this group". Anonymous (2006)

  • "Thanks to Murray and all the men in my group, I feel I am now proud to be a man." Anonymous (2005)
  • "I have my relationship with my wife and kids back. Without Murray's wisdom, direction and therapy and all the support in the group experience, I would not be where I am today." Anonymous (2004)
  • "Wow, what a life altering experience, I was challenged beyond anything I though was possible for me; Thank you with profound gratitude for the opportunity of this fantastic experience." Anonymous (2003)
  • "Fantastic Theraputic Experience, I have never had this much support and acceptance by anyone in my life, it was truly the most difficult experience and one of the most rewarding of my life so far, Thank you for all your outstanding gifts Murray." Anonymous (2002)
  • "I hated myself and I was so angry, and hopeless before I entered this group. I truely am a different man, after this experience. I now accept and love myself, and I actually enjoy my life; Thank you Murray for all that you give of yourself in creating this therapy group for men like myself". Anonymous (2000)


  • "Murray and Donna provide an exception safe environment in which we had the opportunity for myself and my wife to experience and reclaim the feelings that brought us together many years ago; thank you so much for this weekend retreat." Anonymous (2008)


  • "I enjoyed all aspects of the training and found Murray and Donna to be extremely knowledgeable."
    - Dave Aaron, Teacher

  • "Murray and Donna created a context in which I could learn about Voice Dialogue both in a logical analytical and an experiential way."
    - Steve Knish, Psychologist

  • An insightful and direct way to access parts of myself that I was aware and unaware of and how they relate to each other."
    - Dan Rude
  • "If there is a more powerful and elegant way to getting to know one's selves (your self) I'd like to hear about it."
    - George Newton, Educator/Facilitator

  • "Super enjoyed the experiential activities of getting in touch with my parts."
    - Margo Cochlan, Life Skills Coach



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